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Rizzla - Adepta 12"



All vinyl orders include a digital download card.

Vinyl Track Listing:
A1. Full Body Realized
A2. Be a Boy
A3. Adepta
A4. Black Eye
A5. Link Me Up
A6. Space Hulk

B1. And Stay Down
B2. Inquisition
B3. Test Man
B4. Dewdrop
B5. Be a Boy (feat. Odile Myrtil)

The first full-length release from Rizzla, Adepta marks an adjustment to their position within and without ‘the club,’ an overwhelming desire to share stories that cannot be politely articulated, the chronicle of a gradual process of personal apocalypse. Holding one’s breath in a room full of toxic air. The exquisite loneliness of a rural sunset. Adepta explores rage, loss and reconciliation, made during a period of rewilding and recovery.

Adepta’s rhythmic execution and tempo fluctuates wildly, hysteric and rootless club tools alongside fractures of vocal dance music. Structurally, Adepta formalizes Rizzla’s practice as a DJ and remixer, drawing on a collage of samples designed to simultaneously welcome and disorient the listener, geographically and temporally. Haunted by encounters with fundamentalism and a eroticized anarchy, the 11 track LP amplifies the personal anxiety of losing one’s self and culture with the exhilaration of liberatory self-immolation.